Thursday, March 23, 2006

My Sweetie is on a Walk

My Sweetie left tonight for his Walk to Emmaus. The Pastor of our church who is also our sponsor just called to say that My Sweetie is there and safe.

This is a 72 hour retreat. No car, no phone, no watches. I was sad for him to go for the simple fact that I have NEVER gone this long without speaking to him. He has been gone longer before on business, but we've always been able to talk on the phone. Most days he is my only adult interaction. SO, it will be a true test for us both this weekend.

I'm also feeling really nervous for him. He has been dragging his feet about this since the beginning. I really don't think he wanted to go even up until the time our Pastor arrived to pick him up this evening. He put off turning in the application until the last minute; didn't tell his boss he was going to be gone until this week then lied about why he would be gone; scheduled soccer practice with his team for Saturday because it slipped his mind.

He has told me in the past that religion is one of those discussions that he and I should never have. He says he believes in a higher power but just seems to have a lot of questions. Don't we all! My Sweetie will definitely be asking the leaders a lot of questions this weekend and keeping them all on their toes. I can picture it now and it makes me smile because that is just who he is. I hope that any questions or concerns he has about God and his calling are answered to his satisfaction.

Regardless of my thoughts, this is his journey. I pray that it is a good experience and he comes home with a fresh outlook on his faith; whatever that may be. I hope he RELAXES and it would be nice if he missed me a little while he was at it also!

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