Thursday, June 26, 2008

Coffee, Side Kicks and Baby Noses!

BuhBuh made me coffee last week. Daddy was going to be out of town the next day and I said to him, "Who will make me coffee tomorrow?" To which L replies, "I will!" I told him he'd better pay close attention to Daddy then so he could learn how. So off he went to watch.

The next morning he got up out of bed (since The Boy at camp and Daddy was out of town he slept on Daddy's side of the bed) and I heard him in the kitchen getting the coffee ready!!! I laid in bed a bit then decided to go "supervise". The ONLY two things I did was to plug in the coffee grinder and pour the hot coffee into my cup. L had already gotten out the cup and put my creamer in it as well. I tell ya, it was too sweet (him not the coffee, that was perfect!) He can be very ornery and stubborn at times but he does have a sweet heart.

I was so excited to go pick The Boy up from camp!! My dad and I made the drive down. Dad asked why The Boy had to go away to the poor camp. HA! It's not poor, just rustic! When we got there the kids were finishing up their praise and worship time. I always LOVE being able to watch kids singing, loving and praising God. After they were done the group that The Boy had been with did a demonstration of what they had learned that week. Then one by one each of the kids got up and had a chance to break a board. The Boy was one of the only ones who not only was able to break the board but did it on his first try!! It was neat to watch and see his confidence from such an awesome accomplishment!

Little Dude has a new trick. He knows where his nose is!!! He says "nose", smiles and sticks his finger UP his nose. It's so funny!!! And when you tell him, "Don't stick your finger up your nose" he simply laughs and does it all again. It's really cute!

Friday, June 20, 2008


So, I thought I'd be a cool/hype/good mom and teach S sign language. I remember the frustration when L was at this age and clearly wanted something but could not communicate. I've been doing signs with S on and off for several months and he had mastered, I would say in a proud mom kind of way, two signs. He does the sign for "milk" which has actually become his universal sign for "drink" It works, I get it...he's not going to flunk sign-language school for substituting "milk" for "drink" He usally just drinks milk now as well. He also knows how to sign "more" Here's my downfall. He signs "more" ALL THE TIME now!!!! So much in fact that I often don't know WHAT he wants "more" of!! HA!! It's really very cute, but then at times I find myself back to that frustrating stage of not knowing what he wants. With that said, my adorable, genus baby can get he needs and wants across with his cute little hands....I think I better study up on more signs and start teaching him some.....MORE!!! :)

Off to pick up M from camp today! HURRAH!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Three's NOT a crowd-Three's too QUIET!

Don't they say that "Three's a crowd"? I think three is TOO QUIET!!!!!! M is away at camp this week and my hubby left today for a team meeting out of town and won't be back until tomorrow night. So it was just mom and the two little guys since 10 this morning. It was kind of quiet and lonely to tell ya the truth!!! I got a little Mommy Work accomplished....but it's never enough really, you know. We went to the Dollar Store here because I was almost out of diapers and I just didn't feel like driving ALL THE WAY into town after being there both Monday and Tuesday this week already. I knew my Target bill on Monday was too low! We also stocked L back up on library books and he had a Tball game. I made a quick stop by Church tonight also since we missed. S fell asleep before we even left the ball park...he was sleepy!!! Let's hope he sleeps most of the night now since it was so early when he went to sleep. L and I came home and were able to have some nice quality time daddy, no big brother, no baby brother. Just the two of us. We played a heated game of Clue Jr. and shared some Salt and Vinegar chips then snuggled up and read for 30 minutes-which to BuhBuh equaled getting to cross off two boxes from his summer reading program chart. BuhBuh is in My Sweetie's spot sound asleep and Little Dude is in his bed (for now). When My Sweetie is gone I have to be so sleepy that I pass out...otherwise I lie there and over-analyze every noise. What a wimp!!!

So for this past month we have been fasting from TV and video games. Mommy was suppose to give up the computer but I clearly have FAILED that. When I"m on the computer doing Church work or checking on our bank account, it is just too easy to beep-bop around doing the time wasting things. UGH! I have had days where the computer has not been on but they have been few and far between. If I thought I could do my other work some other way then I would not be tempted!!! The boys have done AMAZINGLY well just have they have in years past during our TV fast. L has however had time with both Gma's this month and has had PLENTY of TV. M is the one who has had ZERO of anything. Part of our reason for doing this is because there is too much to do in June to be glued to a TV or Game Boy. It's forcing the boys to use their imagination, it's getting my hubby and I off our butts and accomplishing things that need to be done and when we need to unwind, we read! I would truly be all for a couple of desginated days of the week to be NO SCREEN days. The funniest was that I had play group here with a total of 3 moms and 10 kids the first week of June. Everyone knew we had unplugged for the month. When the kids got here I looked in my living room and there they all were, sitting on the couch all lined up....they had NO CLUE what on earth to do!! They did figure it out....they played a few games of hide and seek and got out a board game that hadn't been played in awhile. And by golly, wouldn't you know it! They all survived!

Well, it's late. I think tomorrow we'll entertain ourselves at the zoo. Friday I drive down to pick up The Boy from camp. I always start missing him about now and really start to look forward to bringing him home. What will I do when they are away at college for entire semesters and then eventually move out??? Baby steps....we'll work on camp first then rest I suppose.