Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Did you know.....

...that the year is almost 1/12th of the way over???  Can you believe it???  I haven't written one post all year!!!  So, HAPPY BELATED NEW YEAR!!!!

...that I have decided not to make a list of goals and resolutions for this year???  Instead I've decided to focus on One Word for the entire year.  My word is GROW.  I don't want to grow in height (or weight for that matter!!!)  But I want to GROW deeper in my relationships, GROW more intentional in the time I give to my family, GROW in wisdom and understanding of God, GROW in how I am able to be a servant leader. 

...that I have a new job???  Our church has been part of a 7-charge Cooperative Parish for 12 years.  Last year I was on staff with that Parish as the Youth Coordinator.  After much praying and deliberating our Church decided to step away from the Parish, hire a full-time pastor, a secretary and a Children/Youth Leader.  My position with the Parish dissolved at the end of the year and I am now on staff and serving my home church as the Children/Youth Leader. 

...that we don't have TV hooked up in our house???  When we moved, there was not option for switching our cable to the new house.  So we could either go with Dish or get a converter box which would allow us to get the main local stations.  We decided not to do either.  The television is hooked up for movies and video games on the weekend.  It has been so freeing to not be owned by a Prime Time line up!!!!  We have been spending more intentional time together as a family and as a couple. When we do watch a movie it is usually together. 

...that we have been playing a lot of board games lately???  Little Dude really likes Memory and Sorry!

"I WIN!  I WIN!!!"

....that it is a lot of fun to put on your swim trunks and "swim" in mommy and daddy's bath tub on a day off from school with your brother??

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Christmas Blessings

What a great first Christmas we had here in the Yellow House on the Prairie. 

So many sweet blessings from the past several weeks. 

Decorating our new home.

Baking and spending time with friends.

Sharing our goodies with our new neighbors.

A Cow

Watching The Boy perform his last middle school winter concert.

A Shepard

A Wise Man

And one really excited Joseph

Lighting the Christ candle on our Advent wreath

Having a quiet, relaxing Christmas day at home with our boys

Looking for the Pickle!

LOTS of Good food

Visiting with my brothers and their family

Sharing the reason for the season with my boys.  

Listening to Little Dude retell it. 

Reflecting on the Hope, Peace, Joy and Love that came into the world in that manger

Celebrating the manger because of the cross.