Sunday, July 18, 2010


There are moments in life in which you wish time would freeze and stand still.

Moments in which you wish you could bottle up and save for another day.

Moments in which nothing else in the entire world matters other than the very second in which you stand.

You soak them in. You burn the images into your mind. You take photographs. But the moment always passes.

I love to escape with my family.

It doesn't matter where we go as long as we go. Life at home is full of work, school, sports, church, chores, that it's hard to enjoy the precious moments because life moves too fast.

But for me, when we get away from it all, it is refreshing.

It is peaceful.

It is relaxing.

It is re-energizing.

It's just perfect.

The only thing that matters in those moments is that we are together.

When we are able to get away from it all I feel connection between us as a family.

I feel connection between My Sweetie and I.

I feel at peace and calm and in those moments I am able to hear God's voice because life, for that moment, has slowed down.

It is in these moments that I hope and pray that we are creating memories for our children.

That we are setting an example of the importance of family.

Although I wish that I could string together an entire lifetime of moments like these I know it's not possible. For "if life were full of moments, you'd never know you'd had one" (Into the Woods)

I certainly appreciated, enjoyed and cherished every single moment we had together this past week. I hope to practice the fine art of slowing down just a little at home so that I don't miss the ones that are here also.

Friday, July 16, 2010

June Highlights....

Evenings at the ball park watching BuhBuh (Why didn't I take any pictures???? UGH!)

The Boy's bedroom updated

Vacation Bible School....Walking With Jesus....just shy of $150 raised for No More Malaria....40-50 kids every day......Youth aged kids hung out in the afternoon after helping with VBS....great week. Go God!!!

The Boy attended a Leadership Camp within our United Methodist Conference. He learned a lot and had a GREAT time. Go God!!!

Took BuhBuh and Little Dude to the zoo and the spray park while big brother was at camp.

Had two major storms in one day.....after the first our power was off an on into the evening and left our little town a little broken....

The second left us without power for 29 consecutive hours.

Father's Day

Swim lessons

Fresh Black Raspberry Pie with homemade crust......made with love by My Sweetie....

with occasional assistance.....

26 times....delivered to family, friends, co-workers and clients.

The Boy volunteered several days at a lunch program ministry....lead the kids one day in the "Banana Song" and they loved it!!!

Technology Fast.....went FAST!!!!