Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bermuda with my Baby

On October 14th My Sweetie and I landed on the beautiful island of Bermuda....without the kids!! My Sweetie has worked for his company on the corporate side for 4 1/2 years. Every year he has "hit his numbers" that he needed to make for each year. For the first half of this year My Sweetie sold at least 60% HIGHER than his target which earned him into Presidents Club. A sweet place to be if you are the spouse who gets to be the guest on one of these trips. I am so proud of My Sweetie for his years of hard work and for earning President's Club this first half.

From the time we landed we were treated with the best hospitality you can imagine. In order for the guests of President Club to be given THE best treatment, the company flies in an entire hospitality staff to take care of everything during our stay.

The resort was beautiful. The dinner parties were amazing and more than I ever expected. The gifts they gave us were appreciated. The money they gave us was even more appreciated! The time spent with his team members were memorable. But the time My Sweetie and I had in our moments alone were priceless and a nice break from the reality of life at home.

Here are a TON of pictures from our trip.....

Ready to head out for the Welcome Dinner on our first night. I'm certain my eyes were the size of half dollars as I walked through the ballroom doors. The band was playing, waiters lined up with trays of wine, ice sculptures, beautifully set tables, food stations throughout the ballroom.

This is what I did most of the trip.

This is what My Sweetie did!

Our first full day was cloudy and windy but the best day for My Sweetie to see things in the ocean. The winds really never stopped and made the ocean very choppy and My Sweetie was unable to see much the rest of the trip.

As My Sweetie was out in the ocean snorkeling I sat on the beach reading my bible. He found this the shape of a butterfly! I about cried.

Enjoying the beach.

We walked to this lighthouse then all the way up the 180-some steps to the top.

Looking down at our resort from the top of the lighthouse.

Us on top of the lighthouse.

Dinner our second evening

Peeking down towards our beach.

Beach Party dinner (inside due to weather) third night.

Toes in the sand!!!!

Our last night we had a cocktail hour and were able to have dinner alone!!!!

Flying out Sunday. Goodbye Bermuda. Thanks for letting us visit.