Friday, July 31, 2009

Very, Very, Very Young Love

BuhBuh: Little Dude, you are too young to have a crush

Me: I think you are too young to have a crush.

BuhBuh: *smiling* Nooooo I'm not...

Me: I'm pretty sure you've had a crush since you were two

BuhBuh: I've had a crush since we were in our mommies bellies

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Let's Pray

We just finished up a combo lesson on Baptism and Communion during our Mid-Week children's program at Church. Last night we made our own bread to use for Communion and the Pastor served Communion to the kids.

Two things touched my heart....

Pastor always invites everyone to kneel at the communion rail after taking communion if they choose. He made the same invitation to the kiddos. I don't usually take time to kneel mostly because it's out of my comfort zone and I can pray back in my pew. Not many others take this opportunity either on our normal Communion Sunday. But I felt nudged to do so last night....I needed to lead by example; if they saw me doing it maybe they would too.

All of the kids went up to kneel and pray at the rail after taking was PRECIOUS! I didn't stay long because Little Dude wasn't cooperating too well, but what a joy it was to watch the little ones kneeling. I especially thought it was cute at how LONG BuhBuh stayed up there!

After we were done Pastor said "Let's close in prayer" Little Dude JUMPED off my lap, looked at me, walked up to the communion rail and folded his hands and stayed there for the duration of the prayer. I didn't close my eyes....I just watched the little ones around me and Little Dude who was up front.

It was a nice way to end before our Mid-Week program takes a little break.


I complimented BuhBuh for taking time to pray after communion last night. I told him that I noticed how long he stayed up there and asked him what he prayed about. He very politely let me know that it was between him and God! Then he said, "God knows our prayers before we say them. But he still wants to us to tell him"

Also today we were talking about the Bible and I asked him WHAT the Bible was. He said, "The Word of God"

He's 6 and just starting 1st grade. I love that my children teach and show me EXACTLY what it is to have the faith of a child. I need to learn from THEIR example!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Missouri Vacation Part Two

This summer as My Sweetie and I were trying to figure out what days he was going to take off for work he had said he wanted to do several long weekends and maybe go camping. One of those long weekends were in June and we went to St. Louis but opted to stay downtown. A good choice since it was SO HOT when we were there! The other few weekends we had other things going on. As his last long weekend quickly approached we weren't convinced that we really needed or should be taking ANOTHER vacation. They cost money, ya know! We had a weekend in August to go and visit our niece for her birthday and another weekend in September planned to visit our newest niece for her birthday. Did we really need to be going someplace else?

The Sunday before his next long weekend we sat in Church and listened to our Pastor talk about how God values what we do with our rest time just as much as what we do with our work time. He talked about how taking time out from our daily lives to rest and take vacations were OK and needed to recharge. After the sermon I turned to My Sweetie and said, "I guess we're going on vacation on Friday!!!"

The Boy was away at Church Camp and needed to be picked up by 5 on Friday. His camp is about an hour away from Hannibal, Missouri so that's where we headed. My Sweetie and I had camped as children with our families, but this was about to be our first camping trip with our kids.

In the 3 days we spent in Hannibal we hiked in a dry creek looking for rocks

Panned for gems and fossils

Visited with Becky and Tom

Watched the local baseball team, The Cavemen, in a game

Rented a "small" boat and cruised around Mark Twain Lake for a day

We visited a few beaches and swam and jumped in the lake

Toured the Mark Twain Cave

Visited a little train museum.

This was all in addition to all the camp stuff of cooking our own meals, falling asleep under the stars listening to the crickets and waking up to the birds and blue skies and enjoying a campfire.

The kids helped with camp chores without too much hesitation

Had a camp fire

We all had a GREAT time!

A couple of times during the trip My Sweetie said that this was a much better vacation than our St. Louis trip....He felt relaxed.

THAT in itself made the weekend so worth it.

I'm so glad for that little nudge that came in the form of a Sunday morning sermon that helped us to see just how much we needed a little rest from the day to day "happy chaos" of life and glad we took the time to rest, relax and enjoy our sweet family.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Church Camp

Friday night I drove down with another Church friend to pick up The Boy and and my Church friends daughter from a week of self-defense camp. They had a GREAT time!!! It's fun to listen to them share about their week. They were on the verge of goofy for most of the ride home but eventually crashed. We got home just after 12:30 a.m.

Here's a picture of him breaking a board....he came home with a broken board that he did an "Elbow Strike" with. AWESOME!!!

Here's a picture of him doing a demonstration...

Yesterday with my mother-in-law we drove The Boy down to a different camp for this week. He had to be there for check in at 5 p.m. making for a fast turn around.

As we pulled into the long gravel drive leading up to the main building of the camp he'd be staying for this week, he let out a big happy sigh and said, "It feels like home"

He LOVES both places and I was having some mommy issues about having him gone for 2 weeks in a row. BUT, his heart is in both places, there is amazing leadership and amazing things happen during these weeks at camp. It brings peace and comfort to my mommy heart to see him surrounded by awesome people who love God like he does. It is clear why it feels like home to him.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Side By Side

This past weekend My Sweetie and I had the opportunity to serve together during a Spiritual Renewal Weekend for teenaged girls called Chrysalis. He and I have both served separately for the same kind of weekends geared towards adults. There is something truly awesome and special about being able to do God's work with your best friend/spouse.

It was also amazing to see God working in the lives of the young women we were able to minister to. I think it was a weekend they will remember for a long time to come.

My Sweetie told me in a note that he could see that this is what I should be doing with my life. (Another bonus of us serving together I suppose.) It was just the affirmation and support that I was needing to go forth and pursue ministry.

I think God may have shown him a few things about where God is calling him. There hasn't been any conversation between the two of us about this, but just his reaction to some other conversations throughout the weekend. God only knows and I know it will be for good whatever and wherever he may lead us.

Couch Snuggles and Morning Conversation

BuhBuh: Mom, today is going to be a BIG day!!!

I had told BuhBuh when The Boy was away at camp that he could have a friend over to play. TODAY is that day!!! He is so excited!!! It's kind of a "big kid" thing and he's really enjoying having a friend at the house. They are doing whatever 6 year old boys do....taking over my living room with Star Wars ships and figures.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Mommy Hugs

The other day while we were at my parents house for the 4th I was walking up the stairs and BuhBuh was coming down. I grabbed him and gave him a big ole' hug.

He said, "It feels good when you hug me."

My heart melted.

Moments like that are magical because instantly all the whiny moments and frustrated moments just disappear. It helps me realize that I do make a difference in their lives and I'm so glad that I get to spend every day doing so.

Here's a picture that The Daddy took of BuhBuh while having fun with the time lapse feature on our camera while we were waiting for fireworks.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Breaking the Fast

Happy July !!!! My kids were up before 6:30 this morning asking for TV and video games....UGH! The dream is over. However, they did AMAZING for the month of June being unplugged. I was a proud momma and a little sad that we had to turn everything back on. I might still make a few days unplugged days so we can do other things for the remainder of the summer.

So what does a family of 5 do for 30 day while being unplugged???? Here's a brief summary and a few pictures.

We celebrated 13 years marriage

Celebrated the last day of school.

I was the Lay Member to the Illinois Great Rivers (United Methodist Church) Annual Conference.

I was prayed over at the end of the Ordinands Service after the Bishop invited those who felt called into ministry to come forward. There were 2000 + people there and I was sitting in the back. It was a LONG walk but it was AMAZING!

Had a successful Vacation Bible School...we doubled our numbers from last year!

We watched BuhBuh play T-Ball

I had a $260 calzone. It was yummy, but not THAT yummy. If you'd like a good laugh, go ahead and ask why.

The Boy went to Six Flags Great America with a friend.

Enjoyed Father's Day in St. Louis

Had a HOT vacation but had LOTS of fun! I wish I could show you ALL of the pictures, but here just a few.

Almost took Little Dude to the ER after waking up from his nap blue. After panicking we realized it was the dye from his swim shirt he had on swimming all day then laughed about it.

The kids had some time with both sets of grandparents

BuhBuh took an Art Class and a Cooking Class

My Sweetie helped in put together the new playground at the elementary schools.

Little Dude spent 30 minutes following The Daddy around the yard thinking he too was mowing.

We enjoyed garden veggies

My Sweetie has made 10 DELICIOUS Black Raspberry pies as of last night with more to come! YUM! Here are the boys picking the berries from our yard.

Went to see Transformers 2 with The Boy and my Dad

Did projects around the house

Played games, read books, did puzzles

Enjoyed our time together as family and unplugging to reconnect.

There is still a lot of summer ahead with a lot more plans on the calendar. This is one of my favorite times of the year. I wish it could last twice as long as it does. Hope your month of June was good!!! I look forward to playing catch up on all of YOUR blogs!!!!