Monday, May 14, 2012


Oh sweet boy....where has the time gone?

I remember so clearly the day we found out we were pregnant.  I remember so clearly the warm, April day that you came into the world.

These past 5 years have gone so fast.  But have been so sweet. 

You are so full of joy that is contagious and brings so much joy to everyone who knows and loves you. 

 You have a heart that loves big and isn't afraid to share that love with others.  

You have grown into such a big boy this past year.  Weekly play dates with friends, taking pride in the chores you do around the home, playing soccer, swim lessons, enthusiastically embracing all the learning opportunities at school, speech, church and home. 

You can't wait for Kindergarten.  I'm hoping the summer lasts forever.

Your favorite color is still yellow. Everyone knows it too!  It's a good favorite color for you because yellow is such a warm, cheery, happy color just like your personality.  

Routine is important.  There must be a book before bed regardless of the hour on the clock. We need to get a milk from Starbucks when we visit Target and you like to pick out lunchables from the grocery store after MOPS for a car picnic on the way to preschool.   

You want to be a Farmer Dad when you grow up and have 10 kids.  You tell me that you are going to give me bunnies and you insist that I come and visit your farm.  You got it, buddy!!!!

You have a curiosity and a love for Jesus which stretches my faith.  You love being together as a family, always encouraging game time.  You are very strict about meal time prayers.  The other day we stopped for lunch at a restaurant and you sweetly looked across the table and said, "Let's pray"  You tell me I'm beautiful at least 5 times a day.  You love to snuggle in my bed and have me read books to you.  It's a precious sweet time.  You seem to always beat me in Sorry.  I'm getting better though.  

You and BuhBuh continue to have a strong brotherly bond.  You enjoy when The Boy is left to babysit you and makes you a "mix bowl".  If given the choice between staying home with him and coming with me, you choose him

You love monster trucks and stuffed animals playdough and coloring.  Helping mom in the kitchen and helping dad in the yard.  

You look forward to your weekly daddy nights and your stay home days on Mondays.  

I sure do love being your mommy.  I haven't taken a single day of these past 5 years for granted.  You have brought so much joy and love into this home than I would have ever thought was possible.  Although my heart breaks at the thought of you beginning school, I know that there will be more sweet blessings that you will continue to bring into our lives.   

Happy (a little late) Birthday my sweet boy.  What fun we are going to have in the months and years to come!