Monday, March 27, 2006

He's HOME!!

My Sweetie was delivered back here safely a little before 10 p.m last night. It was SO good to see him. We just stood there hugging for a long time. I told him I missed him. He said, "You were there with me. I saw you about 4 different times."

He said he had fun and thanked me for making him go. He didn't tell me ANYTHING about what went on because we agreed it would be better and more meaningful to me when I go. He's very excited for me to go and experience what he experienced so we can talk about it. He says it's like knowing what is inside a gift that he's just excited for me to open it up. He showed some concern about how I would handle being away from him (again) and my kids for that long and let me know that there are Pastors/counselers there to talk to if I need.

Now, I know he hasn't even been back home for 24 hours yet, but I do think this has had a lasting impact on his life. He has said and done a few things since he has been home that are generally out of character for him. He went and looked at the kids last night before coming to bed, told me to drive safe as I was leaving the house today, and when a situation at work arose he said it was his first real test after being on the Walk.

I'm thrilled that he enjoyed his Walk. I leave Thursday night which will be here before I know it.

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