Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Birthday Preparation

For each birthday The Daddy comes up with a new, amazing creation of what I like to call "Steamer Art". Last year he made Herky the Hawkeye for The Boys birthday and he made a Light Saber on our ceiling for BuhBuh's birthday.

I thought it would be fitting to have the boys decorate for The Daddy's birthday.

Did you know that you can get 8 rolls of streamers and two rolls of tape from the Dollar Tree for only$6????

Do you know what happens to your house when you give 2 boys each 4 rolls of streamers and a roll of tape???

And leave the roll of duck tape in reach and turn your back for a moment???

Oh, was WRAPPED around the bottom side of the table a couple of times.

Me: BuhBuh, Tell me about your streamer art...

BuhBuh: 'Da blue ones are for each time daddy yelled at me and 'da red ones are for 'da happy days.

Me: Which color has more??

BuhBuh: I donknow....dey about equal

I think they both have a new appreciation for what their daddy does for their birthdays each year.

BuhBuh asked, "How long does this take daddy to do for us?"

The Boy had lots of frustrated grumbles.

But in the end I think they both had a sense of pride about the streamer art they created for The Daddy to come home from the end of a long day to see.

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