Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Did you know.....

That I am one of THE world's meanest moms???


My 13-year old was accusing ME of child neglect the other day.

Because I MADE him.


Play outside in the 40+ degree, sunny weather.

I know, right! I should be cuffed and turned over to the authorities.

He's actually been really good about getting out to play this winter....the only problem the other night was that the snow is mostly melted.


To keep them for driving me batty about coming in I told them that they couldn't come in until 5:30.


After lots of begging, pleading, whining and negotiating (seriously, when will they learn that I won't change my mind and that I will ALWAYS be more stubborn than them!) The Boy resorted to this......(cue the violin strings)

He decided to recycle himself to a new family who would care more. (His words not mine.)

Poor thing.....don't you feel sorry for him????

You don't see a resemblance here at all, do you???

*No feelings were hurt in this post. The Boy has decided to not be recycled and is perfectly comfortable with the Oscar the Grouch analogy as he went to the store this weekend and picked out a newt-shirt....with Oscar the Grouch which he is wearing at school today*

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