Friday, March 05, 2010

Confessions of a Stay Home Mom

This morning I yelled a little louder than I should have at The Boy...then lectured him afterward just to make it clear that I meant business.

I was a grouchy mommy to BuhBuh who was a little squirrelly getting ready for school this morning.

Did I tell either of them I loved them before they got on the bus??

I worry daily about how I parent my children.

I worry most about how I parent The Boy.

I spent most of my morning on the computer surfing for new houses, reading blogs, and researching vacation ideas while Little Dude watched too much TV

Some days I really want a new house.

Most days I am perfectly content because I know that we are financially comfortable and I do enjoy being "close" to everyone when we are home.

I do want a kitchen make over though.

I was glad that My Sweetie had a long drive to an appointment today because I got to talk to him on the phone. We communicate best that way.

I love him so much.

I hope he knows it.

I thought about swatting Little Dude's butt because he continued to sit on the train table after I moved him multiple times

My floors are dirty

I have sheets and blankets that need to be washed

I have not yet balanced my checkbook for February

I have laundry to fold in the dryer and piles to put away

I had fun playing games with Little Dude after lunch.

I'm so glad he's part of our family.

I was too busy texting my brother while Little Dude and I were playing ball and he got upset with me

Little Dude had no desire to take a nap at 1 p.m. and had a meltdown letting me know

I closed the door to my bedroom and let him cry

He peed his pants while screaming at the bedroom door

I wonder if that was my fault?

I suppose I'll do more laundry

Once he calmed down and I read him some stories, it took Little Dude 2 minutes to fall asleep next to me.

While he was falling asleep I read my Bible

I'm glad to finally be done with Exodus.

It was mostly boring and I skimmed most of it.

The next two book pairings are Leviticus and Hebrews

I doubt Leviticus will be much better.

I'm not allowing the kids in the house when they get home.

I'm making them stay outside and play.

I plan to join them.

Dinner will be late.

I plan on making Tilapia.

I don't like cooking fish.

I should be spending some time finishing up with the planning of the Sunday evening Lenten service.

I should also probably put a little more thought into the Monthly Youth Night I am leading tomorrow night as well.

I'm not worried because I know I will get it done

Tomorrow is a new day......(THANK GOD!)

The best part about Saturdays is not having to get kids ready for school.

I hope I can sleep in until at least 8

8:30 would be best

9 would be a dream

Anything after 9 would just be too selfish

I will not feel guilty about them helping themselves to pop tarts and watching TV

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Sarah said...

I confess that I started to call your mom Becky today. I didn't mean to. It slipped. She said she's used to it.