Friday, March 19, 2010

Thank you God...

I got a call at 8 a.m. from a Church friend whose daughter is in my youth group.

She asked what we talked about at Church on Wednesday night.


I instantly started to replay the evening.

"We talked about confession....." I told her somewhat reluctantly.

There was a pause.

I asked, "Were there some problems???"

"Well," she said. "There have been two miracles since"

She continued to tell me about a conversation she had with the mom of another girl in my youth group. The mom said there had been some interesting conversations and she had seen some behavior changes in her daughter since Wednesday. The mom was wondering what happened at Church.

My Church friend also had noticed some drastic behavior changes in her daughter since Wednesday. It wasn't until after her conversation with this other mom that she wondered too if it had something to do with what had happened in Church this past week.

I remember talking to our Pastor after we were done and he commented that what I did was good.

Frankly, I was frustrated and just didn't have that "good feeling" I sometimes get after a good night.

From my perspective I saw kids wiggling around and not to pay attention; how could they have heard a thing I said or seen any of the words I had chosen so intentionally to put on the PowerPoint or heard the powerful words of the songs I had purposely chosen.

I feared maybe I had been a little "too deep" for this middle school group.

I never expected that it would lead to parents taking notice in behavior changes in their children and calling me.

I don't do what I do to get a pat on the back from the Pastor or from other parents.

I didn't share this story on my blog to get a "kudos" or a "good job" on my comment page.

God did this.

Not me.

The phone call I received from my friend was a God Moment. It simply opened my eyes just a little bit more to all that is Amazing, Awesome and Good about the work that God is doing in others through others.

Thank you God for answering my prayers before I met with the youth on Wednesday.

Thank you God for working in the hearts of the youth.

Thank you God for showing me, once again, that you can use me as a tool to make a small difference in Your Kingdom.

My only desire, is to be used by You.

Forgive me God, for doubting Your power, grace and mercy.

Thank you God for loving us even though we have all fallen short of your glory.

Continue to stir in the youth and in myself, Your Spirit so that we may continue to be more Christ-like in all that we do. ~Amen~


Devin said...

Hi Becky! So glad you 'stumbled' on our blog...and I enjoyed reading this post. God is AMAZING, is He not? So good to have a new bloggy friend....have a wonderful day!

Chervenka5 said...

It's wonderful when God allows us to see the difference we make!