Tuesday, March 16, 2010

35 Reasons why I LOVE My Sweetie

1. He's put up with me for 15 years. (Some days I'm sure it's harder than others.)
2. He calls me multiple times a day
3. He's spontaneous
4. He's always coming up with new ideas
5. He's my best friend
6. He spoils me (rotten and I LOVE IT!!!)
7. He is smart
8. He makes me laugh everyday
9. He looks GREAT in a suit....and I get to see him dressed up at some point during the day about 6 days a week
10. He allows me to use him as a giant teddy bear while we watch TV at night
11. He will stop at the store a hundred times a week to get that "one more thing" that I forgot at the store just so I don't have to go back into town and I secretly look forward to seeing what the "extras" that ended up in his cart are because they are always things I would never buy
12. He loves to buy me gifts.
13. He makes FANTASTIC pancakes
14. How hard he tries to push The Boy to be the best we know he is capable of
15. How he can get BuhBuh to do chores and do homework better than I can
16. Watching him be a dad to a third boy is just as fun as is was the first two times
17. How good he is coaching on the soccer field.
18. Watching him sing at Church
19. Hearing him lead prayer. (He doesn't do this at home, so when he does it at Church I just love it.)
20. He didn't use to talk about God or Jesus with me or around our kids. Now he does.
21. The affirming words he speaks to me....they fuel me more than I think he'll ever know.
22. His kisses....always in 3's
23. He's a beer snob and proud of it
24. He has a better sense of style than I do.
25. He works hard for our family
26. He is a kid at heart....that's why he's such a great dad.
27. He plays with each one of our kids in a way that speaks to each of their hearts. I hope they always remember how much their daddy loved having fun with them.
28. He cleans up after the kids throw up because he knows I can't handle it
29. He knows how to fix things around the house. Some guys don't. I'm glad mine does!
30. He is generous
31. He is supportive of my choices
32. He's a great role model for our boys. I know they will be great husbands and fathers because of him
33. He delivered two of our boys.
34. He takes great photographs
35. He makes me feel like a princess even on days when the house is a mess and I haven't had a shower.

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Quadmama said...

Awww... that's so sweet!