Thursday, March 04, 2010

Oodles of Moodles

I LOVE homemade Chicken and Noodles.






I remember that my Grandpa used to make them. I remember having them for Christmas Eve at my aunt and uncles house.

My mom made them for us kids too. She has a home video of her and my brothers and I helping her make noodles when we were kids.

Although I much prefer when my mom makes them (I think they taste better) this has been one of our staple winter meals in our home. In fact I have lost track of how many times we've had this dish this winter. When chicken and potatoes are on sale and it only takes flour and eggs to make the noodles it is a very cheap, yummy meal to feed my family and there is ALWAYS leftovers! YUM!

I know my older boys at one time or another have helped me make noodles. So I figured it was time to teach Little Dude how to make them too.

He helped mix the eggs and flour

Helped to roll out the dough

And was most thrilled when he got to unroll the dough

He excitedly declared, "SNAKES!!! SNAKES!!!"

After explaining to him that they were not snakes, he then was just as excited to sit down and have "Moodles" for dinner.

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