Monday, March 01, 2010

February Catch Up

February is generally a very slow month for pictures in our home....this year it seems I have a few more than usual. So, here's a catch up report from the Laundry Trenches.

I'm sad to say that our Valentines Day pictures are gone. I don't know exactly what happened, but they were deleted from our camera somehow. I didn't think it was too big of a deal since I had already downloaded them onto the computer....then while downloading the rest of February they were saved over because they had the same "code" as the new ones I was downloading. I had a great picture of our dinner......candlelight with chocolate fondue and lots of yummy dippers. There was also a great picture of The Boy and I which is the photo I'm most sad about losing.

In my attempts to make homework time better, when we have an evening with no plans, and the weather is decent I've been trying to be a YES mom by allowing the boys to play outside when they get home from school.

I thought I had a picture of Little Dude but it must hiding with my Valentines Day pictures. I even said YES and allowed The Boy to go to a big (scary) hill to sled with a friend. He loved it.

Little Dude is a crazy cereal eater. Seriously, I fill his bowl sometimes 5 times.

He loves cereal.

I don't tend to buy the "junky" cereal so I guess it's OK....there are worse things he could be eating I suppose.

We took The Boy and BuhBuh to a dinner theatre to see a production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. It was a family Christmas gift from my mother-in-law. Both boys really seemed to enjoy the entire experience. It was fun to watch them enjoy the evening.

BuhBuh attempted to make fake money.....

he really paid close attention to the details making sure there was a picture of a face in the middle of the money on one side and a building in the middle of the other side.

I asked him why he was crumpling them up into tiny balls and opening them up again. He said it was because money is wrinkly. Um, yay for creativity????

You don't think I should be worried about anything, do you???

Another February family outing was to see the Motor Cross Competition.

It was a little cheesy I thought but the people riding the motorcycles and bikes were really AWESOME!!!

This past Saturday the Daddy got some good help from BuhBuh and Little Dude in starting some early planting.....(note the bowl of cereal)

We now have lettuce, chives and a couple of other things growing in our basement under the grow lights. Mmmm....basement lettuce!

Little Dude enjoyed when BuhBuh was giving the trays a nice misting of water....

He would lay in just the perfect spot so that he could get misted too.

BuhBuh wanted to get 3 more spray bottles and have a holster to hold them in. (hehehe....look in the background....The Boy is giving Little Dude raspberries on his tummy)

My hibernation months are coming to an end. The Boy has his first Quiz Bowl meet this week which will last through the month of March. Soccer practice will be beginning soon for him as well and practices will overlap with Quiz Bowl for just this one month. Games usually begin in early April. Baseball practice will be starting up sometime in April for BuhBuh with games beginning in May.

Although the boys have 2 full months left of school, it will go fast. Before we know it, we'll be into our summer break where life takes on a whole new level of "busy".

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