Friday, May 30, 2008

Hats off to the Grad!!!

My babiest of brothers (I have three) will be graduating from high school this weekend. There are two brothers between he and I. I was 12 (almost 13) years old when he was born. I vividly remember the day he was born. I vividly remember peaking in on him through the glass of the nursery. I remember handing out bubble gum "It's a boy" cigars at a birthday party I went to just after he was born. I remember that he was the "keeper meeter" I judged guys I brought home by. If guys I brought home paid attention to him they were golden! There were only a couple of dance dates that didn't seem too interested. But all the boys that I actually had "crushes" on or who I was actually dating did great! :) I remember how MAD he was at me when he learned that I would be getting married and moving out of the house. I remember how cute he was at my wedding all dressed in his tux. I really didn't think he would walk down the aisle as my ring bearer because he was NOT happy with me.....I vividly remember him standing between our two flower girls at the beginning of the runner waiting to walk down the aisle and I blew him a kiss....he made a face and stuck his tongue out at me. I remember him being excited to learn that he was going to be an uncle and that when he came to visit me in the hospital he brought me a giant Mickey Mouse doll for the baby. He and my oldest son have grown up like brothers. Fighting at times, getting along well at others. I have enjoyed watching my brother grow into a wonderful young man.

During high school he played football for a year. Then he realized that he couldn't do both football and marching band. He chose band and has excelled. He was the president of the French club this past year. Has been on the Academic Team for 2 years. Was a Natural Student Helper which entailed him showing incoming underclassmen around the building. He was a member of the Key Club and went and hid Easter Eggs for little kids this past spring. He played in the pit this past spring for the high school musical.

He was accepted early on his senior year to a state university. I thought that was very punctual of him!!! He later learned that he missed National Honor Society by a very small fraction of a point; the difference between a B+ and an A- really. Which meant he would not be receiving the Presidential Scholarship. BUT, later he found out that because he was in the 10% of his graduating class he could go to our local Jr. College for 2 years FREE!!! He now had to decide which to do....continue with his plans to the state university or stay home two years. I have to be honest, I was cheering for him to go away. I never had that experience and didn't want him to miss out. But, he made the very mature, responsible decision to stay home and go for free and work. Just yesterday he found out that he received a $1500 scholarship .....but won't be able to accept it because it's only for those going to a 4-year school. "Oh well," he said, "It's just nice to know that I got it."

My brother from California will be flying in. My brother and pregnant sister-in-law from Wisconsin are driving down. We are only all 4 together about twice a year and I ALWAYS look forward to seeing everyone and having us all together. We are laid back dorks who truly enjoy one another's company.

So, Congrats little brother!!!!!! I've enjoyed watching grow up. I love you!!!!! You've made us all proud!!!

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