Sunday, May 25, 2008

January 05-Accomplished

January 05


I feel so very accomplished these past few days!! I've washed ALL of the blankets and everyone has clean sheets on their beds. I washed and folded 2 loads of towels and I have a load of baby clothes in the drier right now. Yesterday I did a lot of work for Nellie Jo's benefit; taking phone calls, sending emails, getting the flier ready. It took a week but I was able to get through the PILES of reciets and from December and gets bills paid and the book ballanced. (I really shouldn't leave this to be a once a month job. Especially the month of CHRISTMAS!!) Today I changed Lucas's closet. This all of course is in addition to the "normal" things that I "should" do but don't always do but DID (!!!)over the past 2 days....feeding children, doing dishes, bathing them, vaccuming...blah, blah, blah. The thing I'm most proud of is that in addition to making sure that all the kids had showers tonight (it's Saturday....take a shower whether you need it or not!!) BUT, I've got all of their clothes ready to go for morning!!! It would be even more exciting if I knew what I was going to wear and where all the pieces the outfit was, but maybe I'll work for that NEXT Saturday night!

I think it is important to keep a "what I accomplished" list rather than a "to do" list. As a mom it is so hard to ever feel like anything has actually been done. You do the dishes and the kids ask for a do the laundry and they come inside with grass give them baths and they get spill something on themselves; there is always something to be done.

I have informed Chad that I plan on doing nothing tomorrow....well, I suppose I'll still take care of the kids. BUT, I'd like to do some reading for my bible study, read my bible reading for the day (I found an site that guides your reading in a year...I'm such an internet junkie!!) maybe take a bubble bath (in which case I'll have to scrub the tub first) and maybe make a pot of soup. And if I can work a nap in there somewhere, believe me I WILL!! I think the real challenge will be getting Chad to have a day of rest and relaxation too....he's away from the house during the week and on weekends he wants to do projects around the house. Understandable. BUT, we are ALL entitled to a day of rest. (And I think this should include my washer and drier!)He's done some of that today, but also worked a little on the attic.

Well, off to take a shower and plan out tomorrow mornings Sunday School Lesson....and think about the Children's Sermon I'm suppose to do.....UGH! it's 10 pm!!

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