Monday, May 26, 2008

Winding Down

It's been about forever since I've written ANYTHING! I had been posting things through my MSN account and then just yesterday copied it all over here. I go in such silly on again off again writing phases. Mostly, it's just because I have so many other things I should be doing that I don't allow myself the simple little ME pleasures that I enjoy like reading and writing.

The boys are officially done with school as of last week. HURRAH! I am one of those crazy moms who enjoys having the kids home in the summer. These next three months will go FAST....I just know I'll be putting The Boy on the bus for middle school and BuhBuh on the bus for kindergarten before I can blink.

My Sweetie had Friday off as part of this long holiday weekend also. Friday night it was Date Night/Kid Swap and it was our turn this month for a date. How sad that after dinner we really didn't know what else to do. We tried a couple of things but it never worked out. It was still nice to just have some quiet time together. Saturday we stayed home most of the day with the exception of a quick trip up to Church for a graduation party. During Little Dude's nap I laid out on the deck and finished my book. I love my newly spruced up deck! Then we made homemade pizza and watched a movie with the kids. Sunday was the normal hurry-up-get-to-Church routine. Someday I'll figure out a smoother, less frazzled way to get us all there by 9. I"m glad we live close by!!! :) We came back home and mom and dad came for a visit. Then later in the day our friends came over. It was a nice day.

Today, we also have zero plans!!!! It's nice to just be every now and then.

This coming week we don't have any sort of planned activities besides one Tball Game and Church Wednesday night. I'm hoping to enlist the help of the big boys to get this house a little more ready for a busy summer. I told them I wouldn't make them do any school this coming week. After they help me with chores they have permission to watch as much TV and play as many video games as they'd like. June 1st we are unplugging for a month. This is something we've done before and it's gone over well. We did not do it last year for whatever reason but did do it as a family two summers ago. The kids did GREAT and I expect them to do GREAT again this year too.

Next weekend will be jam packed with my brothers coming home for my brother's graduation. I can't believe he's done with high school. I clearly remember the day he was born.....I remember the cute 4 year old he was when I was in high school and the cute ring bearer he was in my wedding. He's a pretty cool kid and I expect nothing but good things to come for him. I'm looking home to seeing everyone else. It's one of my most favorite times....when we are ALL together!!! We always have so much fun!

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Shannon said...

Welcome back! You have been missed! It was nice to hear the update! What a good idea to unplug for a month! I wish I could do that!

Yes, I have a new job. Working for JetBlue Airways taking reservations. It will be awesome because I will get to work from home!

What fun it is that we have known eachother for over a year now! Time flys by way too fast! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Talk to you soon!