Sunday, May 25, 2008

February 29


Hmmmmmm.........I've read TWO devotionals today and they BOTH were about control. Is God trying to tell me something here??? What am I trying to control right now, besides EVERYTHING??? The kids, my husbands faith, my marriage, the home, my day to day life.....something isn't working obviously. Maybe that is why I feel stressed and flustered and aggervated right now. Something needs to be given to God. Maybe all of it??? I need to learn to walk by faith A LOT better. I know this. It's my biggest downfall because I am one who feels the need to be IN CONTROL always and of everything. I'm certain God is trying to tell me something...I don't think it is a "chance" thing that BOTH of the devotions I read, and I actually happened to read both today, are about the same thing.

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