Thursday, May 29, 2008

WHAT day is it???

WOWZIE!!!! For not having any "activities" during the day to shuttle kiddos to and's ALREADY Thursday!!!! Where has the week gone?? Where will our break go once there are things to do during the day???? I need to remind myself that Monday WAS a holiday. So, I was off to a fast week to begin with.

I've been working on getting the kids involved with chores this week. M has been GREAT! Very helpful, very compliant. He's even been great watching S so that I can do what I need to do. L on the other hand has been whining and complaining up a storm. THIS from the one who will vacuum, clean the bathroom floor and dust....on HIS terms....not Mom's apparently. I did tell myself to be patient because I can't just assign a chore for the first time and expect them to know how to do it. I had to teach them. With the difficulties that BuhBuh gave me and the slower pace of the cleaning routine we did manage to get the house mostly "blessed" (bathroom scrubbed top to bottom, dust, laundry sorted and started, floors vacuumed and cleaned) In fact even yesterday I felt pretty ahead of the game. Got our bedroom a little more tidied, finally put winter coats and hats and gloves away now that soccer is over. For whatever reason....I feel like now that it is Thursday I have 20 trillzion things to accomplish before 5 p.m. tomorrow night!!! In fact 10 trillzion of those things should probably be done within the next hour. So what do I do instead???

BLOG!!! LOL!!!!

And what a boring post it is at that!!!!!

I have a few post ideas stirring around in my head....but no time now. I have 10 trillzion things to an hour!!!! :)

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