Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Youth Retreat

I had the awesome privilege of hanging out with a group of amazing youth at a retreat center this weekend. The Boy has gone to this retreat 3 other times and this was his fourth time. It was a FANTASTIC weekend, to say the least. And even though it was geared for the youth who were attending, wouldn't you know, God was speaking to me also....

...God showed me once again how blessed I am to have such a GREAT son. I got to hear good things that warmed my heart from the adult leaders at the camp about The Boy. You could just tell that he was at ease there. He feels accepted and loved and that is a good thing for a momma to see. The older boys were impressed with his Ultimate Frisbee skills which helped his confidence and made him feel good.

...God showed me even when I'm trying to not be "THE MOM" that I will always be "THE MOM" which means you can never get a private shower!!! The Boy was knocking on my door just after I had stepped out of the shower; he was looking for money for the soda machine! HA!!!! The Boy still wanted to sit with me during meals and worship and wanted me around during the afternoon activities. God Bless him!!!

...God showed me how important this retreat is to the youth from our parish/church.

...God lead me to the retreat center just for the purpose of the prior statement to tell me that I needed to step up and make it a priority to get our parish/church youth down there after the Pastor C's are re-appointed.

...God showed me that the Pastor C's are going to have just as hard of a time leaving as the youth (and some of us grown ups too!) are going to have saying goodbye. Thank God they aren't going too far away!

...God spoke to me through the Pastor C's in the little "you can do it" pep talk Saturday night. God Bless them!!!!

...God introduced me to some amazing, inspiring youth leaders who are not ordained.

...God just told me as I was writing that last sentence that no I'm not off the hook here. But that I should still pursue the candidacy for ordination process WHILE being the amazing youth leader that He will equip me to be in the meantime.

Philippians 2:13 continues to work in my life. God is so good!

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