Friday, March 27, 2009

Philippians 2:13

"For God is working within you, giving you the desire and power to do what pleases Him"

This Scripture has been my power verse lately. I even printed a copy and taped it to the inside of one of my cupboards that I use frequently. It is embedded in my heart now so that I can pray it over and over again and lately it has just been empowering me with God's love and peace about the future.

"For God is working within you"
I think the Holy Spirit lives within each of us, whether we consider ourselves to be Christian or not. John 3:16 tells us that God loves the WHOLE WORLD. That means EVERYONE!!! Christian, Jewish, Hindus, Buddhists, Atheists, Agnostics and even those who have never heard of religion or of God. He loves us all!!!! People don't bring people to Christ, the Holy Spirit working within each person is what brings people to Christ.

The Holy Spirit is that "nudging" that "voice" that speaks to our hearts urging us to pick up the phone and call a sick friend, deliver a meal, go to Church, write a card, work with children, read the Bible, work with elderly, go into ministry, go across the country or the world on a mission trip and countless other things that God calls us to do. We can either chose to listen, trust and follow God's lead or we can chose to ignore it and continue to live life our way. It's the Holy Spirit within each of us working to make each of us more and more Christ-like. If you feel God nudging you to do something or hear that "little inner voice" telling you to do something, chances are it's God speaking to your heart and you should probably listen.

" you the desire..."
When we are feeling nudged by God, the humanness we each posses simply might not want to do what it is God is asking and we may try to ignore Him. When we trust His path and follow His lead, God is going to give us the desire to do what He is calling each of us to do. He doesn't want us to just get the job He is asking done, He wants us to do a good job.. By giving us each the desire to do what He is asking we will put our passion and our heart into God's call.

"...and power to do what pleases Him."
God doesn't say the path he leads us on is going to be easy but He does promise to walk beside us. God isn't going to call us to do something that He isn't willing to equip us for. You may not feel strong enough or worthy enough or smart enough to do what He is asking....but with God, ALL things are possible. He will give us the power and the strength and the brains to do the work he is calling each of us to do. When we are obedient and we trust our Heavenly Father and follow his lead and do what he is calling us to do, we are able to please Him.


I met Wednesday night with my pastor. We began working on the Ministry Inquiry book which is to help me see just what God is calling me to do. I have an idea and if God continues to lead me then I will apply for Ministry Candidacy within the United Methodist Church. If God shows me that I can serve him best as a layperson, then I will continue down that path. Right now my mind is open to His plans for me, not my plans. However, I am still sensing his call into ministry. My Sweetie has not really said a whole lot to me on this when I've brought it up before. I haven't been sure if it's been fear of me going back to school and the toll that will have on the family or fear of what a Pastor's spouse will entail or what. But I've been praying and just this week asked for prayers from two of our pastors within our parish. This morning My Sweetie and I were talking about his work and our finances and he said to me that if we don't add on to our home he thinks we really need to pay off my student loan. I agreed. It would free up a lot of money and enable us to replace a vehicle when that need arises. Then he told me that it would be nice to have that paid off before I go back to school. I think I heard angles singing when he said that!!!! :) Then he was asking a few more questions about where it is I would go. It was just so nice to have some acknowledgment/confirmation/support from him and I felt like prayers were being answered. I know all I need is God to get me through this journey he may be taking me on, but having my husband on board too will be a double blessing!!!

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jen said...

I often feel like the Holy Spirit can work like a whisper in your ear or like a douse of cold water right in the face...sometimes subtle sometimes obvious. I've been making a conscious effort to become more aware of the subtle ways in which the Holy Spirit is at work in my life and it then can impact the life of those with whom I come into contact. I think what your are embarking upon is wise and brave and shows the strength of your faith in God, yourself and your marriage and family. Good for you Becky...