Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Cinco De Mayo

We just HAD to have tacos for dinner last night. It was, after all, Cinco De Mayo. No, I don't have any Mexican heritage, I just simply LOVE Mexican food!!! Any and All!!! Since it was a soccer practice night and My Sweetie didn't have time to eat with us before practice I just made simple tacos and made my meat in the afternoon for quick and easy assembly of tacos in shifts as needed.

I also decided in honor and celebration of Cinco de Mayo that I would give the kids a treat that was a little more special and fun than the normal fruit that we eat for our bedtime snack.

So I created these...

Sombrero Sundays!!!! My attempt was to make them look like Sombrero's....hmmmm??? I might need more practice.

Regardless of my attempt to be artsy and creative with food, I think the kids liked them......

Seriously, looking at these pictures makes me think we need a lesson in manners! LOL!

I really didn't think they'd eat the WHOLE thing.....

But they did.

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