Monday, May 04, 2009

April Photo Dump

I just checked my calendar. Did you know that it's MAY!?!?!?!

April has kept us busy, to say the least. This is everything else that has happened that I haven't posted about yet.

The day before his birthday he met his friend Little Buddy at the zoo. We looked at the animals and then had a chance to play on the playground. Do you know how HARD it is to get a good picture of two two year old boys????

We did our traditional birthday morning celebration. We woke up Little Dude and showed him all the birthday decorations, he opened his gifts and we had cinnamon rolls for breakfast.

We also had a family Sunday lunch to celebrate as well.

Here he is cheesin' it up! I can't believe he is TWO!!!!

He doesn't quite understand the concept of blowing out the candles so he had some help from his big brothers!

He does however know how to EAT his cake!!! He ate the whole piece and LOVED IT!! His cake was made special by his Great-Grandma.

I'm not sure if you've noticed a change or not in The Boy from other posts in April, but he started wearing contacts this month!!!! He has done AMAZING with them. Not only that, but he looks SO handsome and mature and, UGH...! What happened to my little boy??!!!

This past month he has kept busy with soccer. They got some pretty sharp lookin' jerseys!!! I'll have to get some pictures during his next game. He also had his 6th grade field trip which he said it was OK for mom to chaperone. (YAY!!!) He very sweetly thanked me on our way home for going and bringing him lunch from Subway. Even though he's eye to eye with me and looking oh, so grown up. There are still plenty of opportunities where the "little boy" comes out to shine. Like for instance, when The Daddy brings home bubble wrap.

The other day BuhBuh was outside playing with his brother's old skate board. When I looked at him on the skate board he looked like a mini skateboarder with the "skate" shoes and his zipper hoddy.

hmmmm....might need to invest in some pads for this one.

I got him to pose for this one.....and then I saw the expression on his face and just HAD to get a close up.

Who does he think he is???? Besides hilarious!!!!

Have you noticed the lilacs in bloom??? Lilacs are my favorite. We have a tree in our yard and I love when it is in full bloom as it is now. I also like what the lilacs in bloom mean....

These were the first fruits of our moral mushroom hunt. My Sweetie, The Boy and BuhBuh have all helped contribute this spring. Although we haven't had a ton, we've had enough for about two batches of these yummy treats. BuhBuh and The Daddy spent two hours hiking all over yesterday in search of more.

Now that Little Dude is two, I really need to get him on a better bedtime routine. It is exhausting to let him stay up whether he's tired and fussy or I'm tired and fussy. But, sometimes he is just too funny!!!

"knock knock..."


And even though some nights he is up WAY latter than the mommy would like, he can be just as silly and sweet in the mornings.

"Byebye BuhBuh" he said as said as he gave his brother a hug before leaving for school.


Now it is May. It doesn't look any less busy that April, that's for sure. Soccer will be ending for The Boy and Tball has just started for BuhBuh. School will be wrapping up. It's just as hard for me to make the boys do their homework in May as it is I'm sure for them to do it. The weather is just too nice to ignore. Laundry becomes a little more of a chore as it isn't nice enough yet for shorts all the time but perfectly nice to play outdoors....I'm having to take a few extra minutes to SHOUT the knees of our jeans! Whatever projects that don't get done around the house this month will go on hold until September because my one and only job in the summer is my children. Yes, I do the dishes and laundry and shopping and cooking but my main focus will be on them. I think I look forward to summer break just as much as they do. I love having them home and with me for so many reasons. With another busy month ahead, I'm sure it'll be here before I know it. My plan in the mean time is to enjoy all the blessings that May will bring and not let it go too fast that I can't enjoy and savor it.


Chervenka5 said...

Great pictures! I had wondered about the contacts, how exciting for him (and probably hard for mommy :))!

Sarah said...

mushrooms! I'm so jealous! I haven't had a chance to go hunting at all this year. Kids. They ruin all the fun haha.

Shannon said...

Look at how cute your little guy is! I LOVE the curly hair! It looks like you guys have been busy and having fun!

Shannon said...

OH! And Happy Birthday Little Man! 2 years already! I still think it is insane that we became friends because of being pregnant with these guys! Maybe someday we will have to meet! :)