Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

The greatest name I've ever been called is Mom

Mother's Day 2009

I didn't get breakfast in bed, or a spa day or even a morning to sleep in. But it was perfect nonetheless. All I really wanted was some quality with my family.

Saturday after 2 windy, cold soccer games and a birthday party we dropped Little Dude off at Gma and Papa's house and went and had dinner and a movie with the big boys. It was nice to not fight a two year old and give the big boys some much deserved attention. I told BuhBuh since Little Dude wasn't with us that HE got to be my baby for the night. He didn't mind at all!

Sunday after Church we went to a restaurant just down the street from us and they were serving a Mother's Day brunch. We came home and the boys all did yard work. I sat outside and watched and read a book.

The Daddy and BuhBuh made a rhubarb pie. And just before bedtime, I snuck off to a couple of stores to do some grocery shopping. Although that might not sound like something one might do on Mother's Day, the fact that I got to go alone AND get one of my weekly chores out of the way was indeed a TREAT!

When I came home Little Dude was the only one still awake and I was able to sit down and enjoy a piece of warm pie. YUM!

I spent a lot of time reflecting throughout the day about how truly blessed I feel to have been given the awesome privallage of being a mom to these three sweet, adorable boys. I wouldn't have ever been able to imagine a life quite so perfect if I had tried.

Hope all of you mommies had a wonderful day too.


Sarah said...

Did you get your hair cut?!?

Becky said...

I did! :)

Chervenka5 said...

What a great picture, and a great day!