Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Waiting Game Begins

Well, we've done all we can do. The 5 days of Clomid, the 6 days of Follistim Shots in the tummy accompanied by frequent trips to the Dr. for ultra sound and blood work, the HCG shot to release the eggs and the IUI-intrauterine insemination-to help those "fellas" have a more direct path to where they need to go. Now all we can do is WAIT!!!!

As of Tuesday when I had my last ultra sound and blood work, I had 2 mature at 19 mm and another at 18 mm. I also had a follie that was 14 mm which could have matured by the time the trigger shot kicked in. So, the chances for multiples are defiantly there. I dropped of My Sweeties "cup" at the office today and went and had a cup of coffee and purchased $50 worth of cards at Super Target...because this is what one does just before insemination....LOL! It calmed my nerves to pick out a variety of cards to have on hand for any sort of an occasion.

I went back to the Dr. office and the nurse called me back and let me look at the sperm in the microscope. It was quite amazing to see them in there dancing around. She said that they looked GREAT and that sometimes she's lucky to get 5-6 of them in the screen.....oh boy! There were MORE than 5-6 in our dish! LOL!!! My Sweetie was very proud! As we were walking into the room I asked her for the ones with the pink bows on. She laughed. I'm glad she found it a little funny.

The IUI was fast and pretty painless. I've been a little crampy yesterday and today but I'm hoping that is a GOOD sign.

I go back on Thursday for a progestorone test.....a number of 10 or above will confirm ovulation. Then hopefully we'll be seeing 2 lines looking back at us around the 10th of August!


Jane said...

Thanks for your good wishes for us, we won't know until 6 weeks before travel the details of the child. Hope everything goes well for you too in August!

Mississippi Girl said...

Here's hoping it works.... sending lots of baby dust your way!

Jenn said...

Thanks for visiting my site Becky. Nice to meet you and I hope to 'see' you again soon. I pray all goes well with trying for a baby this month!

mommygoingcrazy said...

It sounds like so much work, but I know that it will be worth it for you! Good luck!!! I will be thinking of you and checking back to see any results!

Courtney said...

Wooo Hooo!!!! The race is on!!! Swim little spermies... SWIM!!!!

I hope it works for you. You must be so very excited! Keep the positive attitude.

On with the 2ww!!!!

Morgan said...

Good luck!

I just did the blood work and ultra sound yesterday so I am on day 5.

I am glad you visted my blog!

Were pullin for you in the land down under!

Kelly said...

I had my first child through IUI. We luckily only had to have one go around. I understand the emotions you experience. God bless you in this time.