Tuesday, July 11, 2006

TTO so we can TTC-Part Two

In June we met with a RE (reproductive endrocrologist) who bombarded us with information. I've done a lot of reading over the past 2 years and I was still overwhelmed.

They "unofficially" diagnosised me with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). Something I had suspected awhile ago but everyone told me that I didn't "have the symptoms". The RE said that you don't have to have all of those other symptoms to have it.

Their solution for me was to do a low-stimulation cycle. They are hoping by giving me the FSH hormone-the hormone that is sent from the pituitary gland in the brain to tell the follies to grow-it will help the follies grow to a good mature size.

The plan: On CD (cycle day) 3 I will go in and have (b/w) and an u/s done to establish a baseline. Then I will do 100 mg. of Clomid on cd 3-7 and then to do 150 iui of injectable FSH called follistim on cd 8 & 9 and then start bloodwork (b/w) and u/s monitoring on cd 10; They will adjust and continue the the follisitm as needed until the follies are big enough to release. Then they will give me a shot to release the eggs. My Sweetie and I then collect a sample from him the next morning and take it to the RE office where they will wash it and pull out the BEST and CLEANEST of My Sweetie's "guys" and then do an Interuterine insemination (IUI) on me. We will then be able to go home and still BD (baby dance/sex) every other day for the next several days just in case the eggs released a little late. On CD 21 they will test my progesterone level. A number above 10 will confirm that I ovulated. Then we will wait some more and take a pregnancy test to see if it worked.

Tomorrow I will take my last pill of provera. So hopefully by the end of the week we can get this new cycle going! New cycles mean a new start and give me a new sense of hope. But, I'm a ball of emotions about this whole thing. I am nervous about the side effects I may get from the shots; I am nervous about the early morning u/s and b/w and rushing back home so My Sweetie can go to work; I'm nervous about my kids waking up for several mornings and wondering where mommy is; I'm worried that it won't work.

I am not getting my hopes up this time. I've done that several times in the past and wound up heartbroken. I'm just going to take this cycle as it comes; see what happens; then go from there. Ultimately, it is in God's hands.

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