Friday, July 21, 2006

Needles and Shots and Hormones, OH MY!

Last night I did the first of a series of injections of FSH (the hormone that makes eggies grow!) After dinner My Sweetie and I went into the bedroom to conquer this task. I had decided that I should give myself the shot because if he were ever not here when I needed to do it I should probably know how!

So, we gathered all of the supplies and My Sweetie read aloud the instructions. Which, by the way were very easy to follow. I did fine until I pulled the protective cover off of the needle. There it was in all its glory. Shiny, Pointy and suppose to go WHERE?!?! Into my stomach? Tears filled my eyes and My Sweetie asked if I was going to be OK. KEEP READING PLEASE!! I need to get through this.

So then came the part when I was suppose to put the needle into my stomach. I hesitated....naturally. But then I did it....although to tell you the truth, I don't actually REMEMBER sticking it in. I do remember pushing the button to dispense the medicine and that hurt a little more than the actual "sticking."

When I pulled the needle out successfully there was blood coming from that little pin hole. Then I remembered how much my stomach bled when I pierced my belly button....ICK. ANYWAY, earlier that day when My Sweetie went to the store to fetch me some alcohol swabs for the process he also bought me some Disney Princess tattoo Band Aides....and let me tell ya! I made my boo-boo feel all better!! :)

Last night when I was sleeping you'll never guess what I dreamed about....NEEDLES AND SHOTS!!! I felt really restless all night, and it felt like every time I closed my eyes the only thing I could "see" were the needles! There were some big scary needles in my dreams last night too....which I think are coming from the fear of the needle I use for my HCG trigger shot. YIKES! I haven't seen it yet, but clearly I'm all freaked out about it!!!

I have been pleasantly surprised with my mood. It must be an answered prayer! I was so concerned about being an emotional, hormonal WRECK with these shots that naturally I prayed about it. And guess what?!?! I FEEL GRRRRREEEEATTTTTTTTT!!!!!! For now, knock on wood! :)

So, I'll do another shot tonight and then I go in bright and early for blood work and ultra sound Saturday Morning to check on how things are progressing. Then we'll go from there! Hopefully things look good and we'll be able to continue on. I would love to NOT be able to this next month....wink....wink!!


Jane said...

Ick, I hate needles!! I hope everything goes well for you.

Courtney said...

I really hope this cycle is yours! I don't know if I could do the shots myself. I pierced my ear once, but I don't think I could give myself a shot in the stomach. Good luck!

By the way, I hope you stay with no s/e. They really suck!

Good luck!

Tracey, in MI said...

praying for you!

Mississippi Girl said...

Hi Becky- We have some friends that are going through the same thing right now!!! My thoughts and prayers are with you!
Jennifer R.