Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Lessons From Camp

Well, M (My Oldest) has returned from camp all in one piece. A little dirty, but nonetheless, all in one piece! He survived the crazy sleeping arrangements, didn't starve, didn't drown. He actually did OK without ole' Mom. However when I went to pick him up I could tell that his back had gotten sun burnt and he told me, "I need YOU Mom to do those things for me."

I drove down on Friday with another friend who had a daughter there also. He seemed to have had a great time and said he would go back again. However, from the time he saw me he was ready to head home....AWE!!! I think he missed me! But I think he mostly missed his video games!! LOL!

The counselors said that M and his friend were the one on the BEST behaved kids they'd had all summer! M's counselor said that he felt that M had really gown over the last week.

After we dropped off our friends he told me that he had accepted Christ!! How awesome is that? He told me he was a "new creation," that he was "complete". He explained that he felt warm and tingly...I told him THAT was Jesus!

Today I complimented him on his nice behavior and attitude towards his brother since returning home. He told me, "I asked God to help me be a better brother" Precious!

I pray that the Holy Spirit continues to work in him and that he continues to grow closer to God.

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