Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I made it one of my New Years Resolutions....To de-clutter and get organized! I have all these great ideas and plans and visions for my home....but DON'T IMPLEMENT!!! It's so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of day to day life that it is ALWAYS the housework/house management STUFF that suffers. But the sense of PEACE and HAPPINESS I feel when my home is somewhat put together is such a good feeling. I don't feel stressed, I feel like my mind is clear.

SO, in the few weeks left before my kids are back in school I'm going to ATTEMPT to put together a Home Management Binder. Cleaning lists, Daily Schedules, Meal Planning, Shopping Lists, etc... I've used some of flylady's techniques in the past. In fact, some of the ways I clean are her ideas! But I think I need to take what I've learned from her and adjust it to the needs of my home, family and personality.

Hopefully, by the time my kids are in school I'll be able to use my 3 hours a day that I'll have to myself as my "work" time; as my time to "serve" my family.

I have somehow been able to keep up on the laundry this summer! Now if I could just figure out how to do something with the toy room. YIKES!


Jay KTX said...

God bless you, Becky, in your quest. It's a worthy one. Just harder for some of us than others. I can get organized, I just can't stay that way!

MrsAngelena said...

I try to loosly follow flylady. I do have a home binder that I have tweaked to my liking and it does serve its purpose quite well. I am aiming to be more organized as well.

Leslie said...

Blog about it and let us all know how it's going. I think about trying stuff like that, but then reality kicks in and I lose the binder! It is soooo obvious what I need to do around my house that I wonder why I need a binder to tell me anyway:)!