Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

"Happy Mother's Day, Mom" The Boy said. It was well after midnight and we were returning from a Youth Camp/Retreat. We had just drove past a Walgreen's and he read that it was Mother's Day. Regardless, it was sweet.

I feel into bed well after 1 and by 3 Little Dude was screaming. I gathered him up and snuggled him in my bed.

By daybreak I had a toothless grin peering down at me whispering "Happy Mother's Day" It was BuhBuh. He had given me the gift he made me at school on Friday because he was too excited to wait.


A week prior we had purchased a new clothes line and I told My Sweetie that would do for a Mother's Day gift.

I watched a video of BuhBuh and Little Dude making a cake for me while I was gone.

My Sweetie also baked me a Rhubarb Pie.

We had pancakes, pie, and bacon for breakfast before Church.

We managed to get ourselves to church on time despite my lack of sleep. But it was Mother's Day and I intended to spend it enjoying my kids.

After Church I sat on the couch with BuhBuh and look through an I Spy book.

I played outside with Little Dude and tooke him on a short walk.

I had hopes for my Mother's Day being spent away from the house doing something as a family. As the afternoon wore on, and my requests weren't granted, I attempted to hide my disappointment. But the only reason I was disappointed was because I had expectations of how I wanted to spend the day as a family and they weren't happening. It had nothing to do with anything anyone else was or wasn't doing.


My father-in-law and My Sweetie decided they were going to take down a tree in the back yard.

OH GOODY! I thought!!! We'll never get to go do anything.

But as soon as the tree was down, I saw 8 pair of wide eyes and 4 huge smiles.

I live in a house of all boys....of course they were thrilled to have a big tree to cut up.

So I sat and watched them climb on the fallen tree,

watched them run around in amazement at "how well it fell" watched them carry sticks to the burn pile

and logs to the log pile.

They were having so much fun. How could I not enjoy sitting there watching them. In watching them enjoy their day, I too enjoyed mine.

Isn't that really what makes us moms happy, afterall??? To see joy and happiness in the little loves of our lives?

All I wanted was to spend time with my family and have everyone happy. That is exactly what I got.

To the dinner table we all gathered to share another meal; one My Sweetie prepared with very little help from me. We ended the day with a game of ladder ball, showers, more reading and then tucked the kids into bed.

It was simple. I spent the day with my family. I couldn't have asked for more.

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Anonymous said...

Okay, when are we going to have a bonfire to burn all that wood??? :)

Miss you guys!