Friday, May 21, 2010

May Laundry Trenches Happenings

WOWZIE!! I haven't been very bloggy lately have I???? To all of my 3 sincere apologies. It's just been busy around these Laundry Trenches lately. I've also had 2 different sermons to write this month so all of my writing energies were spent.

So as to not get too bogged down with catching up....I'm going to try to NOT worry about all the "little moments" that went unblogged. ***sigh***

Like the trip to the zoo that Little Dude and I did one beautiful afternoon. Oh are a couple of pictures...

He spent most of the day asking where the "choochoo" was. It was very important.

It was so fun because he's such a "kid" now and he really enjoyed the animals and had lots of questions. He actually cried when it was time to leave.

Last weekend we had a little get away!!

The five of us plus my brother were all packed and loaded in the van before 7 a.m. last Saturday and heading to WRIGLEY!!!!

We arrived before the gates were open. We had been talking to Little Dude about the game all week and when asked what we were going to do he'd reply, "Cubs beat Pirates!!!!" HA!!! CUTE!

We had some time to explore the park and watch the players warm up before the game started

BuhBuh was treated to his very first Cubs hat from Wrigley

Just like his big brother was at his first game

We decided Little Dude could wait a few years.

The weather was a little chilly, Uncle B didn't feel very good and the Cubs lost. But all, in all, it was a nice family day and a nice break from the busy that has been swarming our home this month.

We headed home after the game with a van of very, sleepy, but adorable fans.

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