Monday, February 15, 2010

Our Story.....

February 15, 1995

This was the night I was meeting his parents. He came to pick me up after he got off of work. He lived about 30 minutes away from me in a small town.

I remember him pointing out a video rental store and thinking, "Why is there a video rental store in the middle of no where"

Then we drove a little further and he said, "Welp, that was it. That's the town I grew up in!"

I remember thinking, WHAT town??? I didn't see anything!!!!

We drove another 5 minutes and pulled into the sub-division where he lived with his family. Then we pulled into his driveway and I saw the house and thought, "I am out of my league with this guy! LOOK at this house!!"

We had dinner, I met his family, we watched a movie, we kissed, I cried, I told him I had forgotten who I was with (nice, huh?) and he took me home.

That was 15 years ago......

I suppose that's not our "whole" story....but it's how it all started and what a beautiful story we've created together ever since.

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