Thursday, February 11, 2010

Our Story.....

February 11, 1995

I can't remember if I had to work that day or not. But I do remember talking to him on the phone and making arrangements for later that evening.

The plan was to go to a movie. We were going to a later movie because I did have to go help work a Public TV event. I helped in the "TV Studio" where kids got to go sit with different local TV anchors and be interviewed. It was fun and made the evening go quick.

I remember being annoyed with my mom because she told me I needed to be home at midnight. I didn't want to have to tell this guy I had an early curfew.

I remember thinking I wanted to look cute but not LOOK like I was trying to look cute.

The doorbell rang and he looked cute!!!

We did some quick introductions and were on our way to the movie.

"I'll see you at 1," my mom said as we walked out the door. (TEEEHEE!!! She must have thought he was cute too!)

We went to see a movie...."Before Sunset" I remember thinking it was a good movie, but remember spending most of the time hoping and waiting for him to hold my hand!!! He did eventually.

After the movie we went and got coffee and pie and talked.

This is where the story has a different perspective for each of since it is my blog, I'll tell you MY version.

We get back to my house and I very slowly take my time getting out of the car, not wanting to seem like I was trying to run away from him. We causally walk up to the door.

We look at each other.

It is awkward.

He says goodbye and I go into my house.


NO kiss!!!

He must not like me!!! I was a little bummed. A little unsure of what to think. But maybe he was a gentleman????

His version goes something like this....I ran to the door so quickly he couldn't keep up. I got to my door, said goodbye and let myself in and he had no time to give me a kiss.

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