Thursday, February 18, 2010

I am....

About 16 months ago, I decided to stop running/ignoring/denying/making excuses for what I had felt God calling me to do.

My general rule on life is if it's something God wants God will open the doors for me to walk through. If it's not something God wants, God will close those doors and I will walk away.

So, 16 months ago I said.....Yes....I will do this. I will surrender myself to what you (God) are was asking of me (even though I'm scared, unprepared and think you are a wee bit crazy) because my way just isn't working.....I am just unable to IGNORE you anymore.

For the past 16 months, when asked, I have responded with "I'm going to..." "I'm hoping to..." "I'm thinking about..." "I'm beginning...."

Even though I have completed some of the things needed to pursue this, it just never felt official; I didn't feel like I could announce "I am...." just yet.

Until today.....

After some emails between my mentor and figuring out a glitch and doing a few other items on my "to do" list, I saw in the header bar of the website that I was navigating through, after my name, "Candidate, Active"

I saw the words...

"Congratulations on your decision to pursue ordained ministry in The United Methodist Church!"

I felt like today, it was official.

I felt like today I could finally say.....

I am a candidate for ordained ministry in the Untied Methodist Church.

It'll be a long journey (Methodist....there's a method to the process....and it's a methodical one!), Even though I think it's impossible I know with God, all things are possible.

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jen said...

What you're doing may be frightening to you, but what you are doing is so much bigger than you and has the potential to impact so many people and do so many good things in this world. Best of luck on the journey--imagine all of the things it will teach you and what you'll be able to do with those lessons!! Hats off to you for taking those steps Becky!