Monday, February 08, 2010

Our Story.....

February 8th, 1995

We were less than a month into the second semester of the school year. I had met one of his best friends the semester before and now this semester the three of us shared a class.

The two guys would go to lunch after class. Eventually I started to "tag along" too. Apparently we had been doing it for a few weeks because our friend wasn't in class that day, so we went to lunch together, just the two of us. No big deal, right?? It was just lunch.

We went to a Gyro place.....I ordered chicken strips.

Then came the awkward moment.

"Will this be together or separate?"

I drew a blank. It was a simple question yet I had no words! It was almost like I was choking to get my words out....there was no reason for the bill to be "together".

"It'll be together" he said, a little hesitant.

I felt like a big jerk! I had just made him pay for my lunch!!??? Way to go, ME!

We took our food and sat down. What I remember most about our conversation was him sharing the idea of opening a place called "food wars" A place you could go, and have food fights for fun.

I remember him making me laugh.

I remember him making me smile.

I don't remember the ride back to school but I do recall that it was a sunny February afternoon....


Quadmama said...

What?! You didn't go to Arthur's Garden Deli?

Anonymous said...

What a great story!! If you two hadn't met, Chris and I wouldn't have met. Way to go, you guys!!
We are making Taco Soup for dinner tomorrow night....minus beans!!!!