Sunday, February 14, 2010

Our Story.....

February 14, 1995

....the clock struck midnight.

My head was laying in his lap and I was looking up at him.

He said, "I think you know what is going to happen" (HA!!)

And he leaned over and kissed me.

BEST start of a Valentines Day EVER! I thought!!!!

It was a Tuesday and I knew I wouldn't see him that day.

It was an especially busy day at work I remember.

He came in the door and I kind of waved at him and kept on going. He was waiting patiently as I worked through the busy lunch crowd.

Someone asked me if he was here to see me. And even though it was BUSY they told me to go talk to him real quick.

As cute as could be he pulled out a single red rose.

What is it about one red rose that is so sweet?

I was so excited. But work was so busy that I said thank you and quickly got back to work.
(I think he was expecting a kiss or something but I was feeling a little shy!!!)

The gals at work were doing the "AWWW THAT'S SO SWEET's" and asked if he was my boyfriend.

I giggled and said yes.

I put my rose someplace safe and got back to work.

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