Monday, November 02, 2009

So long October...

Soccer is done. Football is done. First quarter report cards were good and so were conferences. This has been a busy start of the year. Our trip was refreshing and just what I needed to hopefully carry me through the holiday hustle. It has taken me this long to get back into the swing of things though...but we've managed to finish out October.

We had a day which the weather was perfect and the leaves were beautiful. I tried to get some good fall pictures of the boys.

The Boy had is fall music concert. He's once again in both choir and band.

We attended a family Halloween party. The party was at 4 on a Saturday. At 1 in the afternoon we still had no costumes. We bought all of the camo gear that the Good Will Store we visited had on its racks.

I turned 33. My Sweetie bought me all kinds of goodies for me feet. Then he and I drove an hour and a half away from home to an Italian restaurant. The drive was lovely, the food was great. We also celebrated with a Sunday brunch with my mom, dad and brother.

This past weekend was Halloween. The boys were adorable as always and we now have a TON of candy. I sent two gallon sized Ziploc bags with My Sweetie to work. We still have two large bowls of candy.

October was Ministry Appreciation month. I sent out 31 cards of appreciation and thanks to different people in our church.

Here we are in November. I'm sure the next two months will fly by. Looking forward to all the fun upcoming events in the next couple of months but I'm also looking forward to the months of January-March when life kind of slows down for the winter.

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