Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The List

We have a rule in our house. You are not allowed to speak of your birthday until two weeks before. The Boy will be 13 here in less than two weeks. We've talked about the different foods he wants, made arrangements for his family dinner and talked about what he would like to do with friends this year. He also presented us with this list.

"The Boys" Birthday and Christmas List

1. Hawkeye covers for my bed

2. I Pod Touch (Seriously, why not just a regular I Pod???)

3. DSi (You have a DS. You don't need the latest greatest thing)

4. Cell Phone (You don't talk on the phone. When we feel that a cell phone is a need, like when you start driving, then we will talk about it later.)

5. Money/Gift Cards

6. Lego Republic Gunship

7. A Computer (You will never have Internet access in your room. So you might as well just use the family computer downstairs. But I'll gladly put this on your high school graduation list.)

8. WOW-World of Warcraft ($15 a month when you are only allowed video games on weekends when you've done all your homework doesn't sound like a very good deal to me. I don't think we need access to yet another addictive game)

9. XBox Live (Considering the XBox is Daddy's, probably not.)

10. Yu-Gi-Oh Cards

11. Dungeons and Dragons mini characters

12. Cream Puffs (You'll have to hope your great-grandma does this for you!! And if she does, will you share??)

13. Mini Fridge (The house isn't that big. Walk downstairs and get yourself a snack)

14. Small Plasma screen TV (I really like you a lot and I would prefer if you would watch TV downstairs with us. Also I can monitor what you are watching that way.)

15. Diary of a Wimpy Kid-Dog Days

A boy has to dream I suppose. Hope he's not too disappointed come time to open his gifts.

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Kristi said...

Becky you crack me up. I love the mommy comments, but I agree with them. Good luck getting everything ready!