Monday, March 09, 2009

Sick Baby

Little Dude came down with a touch of a fever on Friday and hasn't been able to get rid of it. He just wasn't himself all weekend. My Sweetie and I each spent a day with him while the other did various Church things. Today I decided to take him to the doctor. They didn't find anything that they could treat with an antibiotic but did give him some cough medicine to help him with his cough. Towards the end the Dr. decided to order a RSV swab just to see. It was positive. There's really nothing different that they are going to do, but we know just know what we are dealing with. Poor kid is really sick. I was glad to see him eat a little tonight and finally get some liquids in him. We go back to the doctor on Friday. I hope he's feeling better by then. I'm bracing for a long week.

He's back asleep now. I should go do the dishes that are piled to the ceiling...seriously we are just about out of plates and bowls.

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Sarah said...

Eeek! I will stay away, thank you :) Hope little dude feels better soon and you get a reprieve. Sick baby = no fun!