Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Confessions from a Computer Addict

Well, I've cut back on my computer time A LOT! Which is good and what I had wanted. I have been known to sneak on "real quick" if kids are out of the room and playing or watching TV somewhere else in the house. I have had to get on and pay bills while they were around and will have some Church work that I might need to cram in somehow his week. Looking back on the first week I didn't necessarily take the time spent on the computer and put it into a cleaning project. No I procrastinated in other ways, eating, napping, watching TV. By Friday I went for a drive with Little Dude after everyone had been off to school. Dropped something off at a friends house, drove through Starbucks (where I live, it takes a good 20 minutes to get to one) then Little Dude fell asleep in the car. I decided instead of going in the house and most likely plopping down on the computer during his snooze that I'd drive out to one of our parish Churches which is in the middle of no where. It's a tiny church which my mom fondly refers to as the "Little House on the Prairie Church" I pulled in the "parking lot" and faced my car towards the fields that are behind the church and I pulled out my Bible and read my Bible Study readings for the day, read a few other things then started a new book. When Little Dude woke up, we headed home. It was LOVELY! Peace, quiet, and one on one solitude with my awesome creator looking out at the beautiful world He created and is still creating.

I haven't been as good as I would like about reading with the boys. School days are good with BuhBuh. His devotions are short and sweet and don't take very long. And as he gets out of the car before getting on the bus I'll ask him a quick question (to which the answer is ALWAYS God) about what we read that morning. I had wanted to read through a chapter or two with The Boy as well this Lenten season. So far we've only read the first two chapters of Revalations which was on a night that I really didn't want to and actually told him no. Seriously, "no I will not read the Bible to you, son. Go to bed." UGH!!! I need to get a little better at that.

I just kissed My Sweetie and sent him off for a few days to enjoy a birthday gift: Cubs vs. Sox Spring Training games in Vegas with his Sox friend. After I hit the confirmation button on the trip I thought I was a little crazy sending My Sweetie off to the land of sin and temptation. He feels a little guilty about taking the trip without me and giving up time and money that could have been used on a family vacation. BUT, he deserves this time with his friend doing boy things. I just hope that he can relax, have fun and not think about work or husband/daddy things for a few days. I know he will mostly behave, I know he will have fun and I know this is something he will always remember. I'm glad I was able to make this happen for him.

Funny story, we were at one of our special Sunday night Lenten services and we got to hear about one of the college students recent trip to Liberia. She gave each of the boys some Liberian money and while My Sweetie was talking to our Pastor The Boy walked up to The Daddy and shoved the money under his nose and said, "Here dad, you can use this to gamble in Vegas" If there is one social issue that the United Methodist Church actually has a stance on, it's gambling. OOPS!!!

Well, kids are awake, time to go for now.....

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Sarah said...

Emery gets time off of O2, so I'm ready to play!!

Wednesday and Thursday are good this coming week.

Vegas, eh? I'm going on a girlie weekend next weekend but there won't be any gambling haha.