Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Birthday, Babe!!!!

My Sweetie, My Best Friend, The Daddy to my boys, turned 34 on Monday. He always goes out of his way to do special things for me that I decided to give back to him this year. So, he got an early birthday gift this year. I set up a Cubs/Sox Spring Training trip to Vegas for him and a buddy. They saw 2 Cubs/Sox games, ate at a lot of buffets in Vegas, did LOTS of walking up and down the strip, saw some cool things, went to the Hoover Dam, and enjoyed some "man" time away from their wives and kids. They both had a GREAT time I think. But still missed their wonderful wives not being there with them. What sweeties.

On Monday after Little Dude's doctor appointment I took the other two boys to the Dollar Tree to pick out birthday decorations. I had put them both in charge of decorating a room for The Daddy. They both did a great job!! They also each bought The Daddy a gift....CANDY!

We had dinner, and dessert and played some games. I was in charge of dessert and instead of making My Sweetie a birthday cake, I made him cupcakes!
He said he was probably THE ONLY 34 year old who was excited to have Cookie Monster cupcakes. He loved them!
Overall, I think he had a good birthday. I enjoyed doing special things for him. I realized that I have been blessed to celebrate 14 birthdays with him!!! I look forward to celebrating the amazing man he is everyday for many more years.

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