Tuesday, March 17, 2009

RSV Update

We took Little Dude back to the doctor on Friday M-13th for a re-check. He was really fussy, had lost almost a pound, looked a wee bit dehydrated and it was decided to add breathing treatments. We were suppose to have been weaning his meds but they decided to keep them at the 4 CC's through the weekend and 3-4 breathing treatments a day. She said he wasn't sick enough to put into the hospital but she really thought she needed to keep a close eye on him so wanted up back Monday morning.

For whatever reason, he seemed to be feeling tons better on Saturday. Maybe it was a combo dose of daddy, big brothers and some fresh air! It was SO GOOD to see him playing with his toys!!! He did pretty good on his breathing treatments and the medicine they told me tasted real bad, he seems to have acquired a taste for. Mommy and Daddy seem to have come down with a touch of whatever he has and we were "uninvited" to St. Patty's day dinner. HA!!! They delivered us some hot food anyway and took the big boys for us, so it worked out pretty good.

Sunday we were home for a second week from Church and again got out for some fresh air and just had a chill day. He was eating better and playing and seeming to be feeling better.

Yesterday we went back to the doctor. He had re-gained 5 oz. and the doctor said she saw less drainage down his throat and heard less wheezing in his chest. We are weaning the meds and breathing treatments this week and go back again next Monday.

I'm just THRILLED that he's feeling better! He's almost my little guy again!!! Today with the big brothers home for Spring Break and it being in the 70's we took a road trip/field trip to a Wildlife Prairie park to check out some animals and have a picnic. It was nice to get out and do something and enjoy the weather!!!

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Sarah said...

Poor Little Dude! Even limp lungs over here has never had to endure nebulizers, but it just proves to me why the docs want us avoiding RSV at all costs.

Now that the weather is warming up, we can go to the park! Let me know when you guys are up for it.