Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Birthday Countdown

We have a carry over rule from when My Sweetie was growing up:

No talking about birthdays until it is two weeks away.

BuhBuh's birthday is officially 2 weeks away. For a soon to be 6 year old he certainly knows what he wants.

1. A Kids Only party
2. Ribs for his birthday dinner
3. A skate board ramp, helmet and elbow and knee pads
4. A very specific birthday treat to share with his class at school.

Me: Your birthday is coming up here soon. You'll have to think of something you want to take to school to share with your friends.

BuhBuh: How about licorice?

Me: Well, we could do that. But mommy really doesn't mind making you something.

BuhBuh: Like what?

Me: I could make cupcake ice cream cones, I could make sandwich cookies, I could make any other kind of cookies....

BuhBuh: OH!!!! I know what I want!!! I want Ms. C's brownies!!

Me: You want Ms. C to make your birthday treat for school?

BuhBuh: YEP! She makes THE BEST brownies!!!

Me: ****feeling like I need to brush up on my brownie makin' skills*****

That's right! He doesn't want ME to make him anything for his birthday, but rather his friend's mom!! And if he can't have her brownies....then he'll settle for licorice.

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Sarah said...

Hilarious! Maybe you could garnish the brownies with licorice?