Tuesday, September 23, 2008

6 Quirks-Edited

I think this may be my first "official" tag. I feel so honored, so loved, so included!! YAY!!!!

Jen at My Life with Dogs has tagged me to list 6 Quirks about ME. So, here it goes....

1. I have serious issues with my feet. First off, DON'T TOUCH my feet....EVER!!! If you do, or try to tickle them, I cannot be held accountable what may happen to you during said touching or tickling. I become vicious and simply begin to kick and I don't care who is in my way, I"m sorry, but really, don't go there. The only exception is that I am able to maintain some self-control during pedicures. For whatever reason, I love pedicures....I think it's because it gets my feet all nice and pretty (as pretty as feet can be)My hair/pedicure gal feels very, very honored that she may be the ONLY person whose teeth I don't attempt to kick out.

2. I can NOT STAND to be barefoot-ever!!! I prefer to wear shoes at all times as well....except when I'm sleeping of course. I'm trying to figure out a way to not track my shoes and whatever is on the bottom of them into the house because I'm in and out so much. Changing shoes seems like a good idea, but I don't think about it and it's a lot of work to change back into outside shoes should I need to go outside again. My tennis shoes are my "work" shoes. My mother-in-law gives me money for my birthday every year and for the past few years, I've put that money towards a new pair. As soon as the shoes come off at night, usually while watching TV, I'm don't "working". I will wear flips....I like flips because they are easy to slip on....I especially like The Boys new Nike Flips which are like heaven for my feet. HOWEVER, I do not generally prefer to wear flips to places like the park and the baseball/soccer fields because then my feet get dirty and I HATE when my feet are dirty.

3. On the rare occasion when My Sweetie and I go to bed at the same time I have to have my foot touching his leg or foot in order to fall asleep. I do this so often, sometime not even realizing it until he says, "What, you don't love me anymore, why isn't your foot touching me.

I think that is all for my feet....moving on to #4.....

4. If the house is all nice and tidy and clean I get very grouchy when people can't figure out maybe they should put their dish in the dishwasher (even though I too will re-organize so that I can fit more in and place things in their proper spot) or their clothes in the hamper or clean out the "sink paste" when they are done brushing their teeth. But, I seem to care less when the house is in shambles and I will admit, at times help contribute by adding to the mess. This is what I call Saturday, Sunday, and most of Summer.

5. I always have to have a plan. I have a plan for our menus for the week, grocery lists, birthday parties, vacations, summer schedules, the new year, my scrapbooks, meetings I run, classes I teach, sermons I give. I can become very obsessed with details and will spend lots of time researching, reading and at times re-planning before plans are finalized. I am not a spontaneous person and don't deal well when there isn't a plan in place. I live by my calendar and the clock. My Sweetie is NOT generally a planner. This drives me crazy. However, we tend to balance each other out and some of the best things we have done have come out of the balance we bring into one anothers lives.

6. I have a tendency to burn myself whenever I am cooking. So much in fact, My Sweetie went out to find the longest pair of oven mits he could find. Seriously, they go all the way up to my elbow. This has saved me from many injuries, but I still can somehow find away to burn myself at least once a week. Most of them go away with time but I have very visible burn on my arm from this past June....it's pretty, let me tell ya.

Unfortunately, that was easier than I thought it would be. So, I am going to tag, Sarah, Heather, and Andrea and anyone else who reads and wants to participate. :) HAVE FUN!!! :)

***Edit*** I can't stop!!! I've thought of MORE!!! I gag when I brush my teeth, I have to always stop the gas pump on a nice round number...this is an improvement of when I use to have to round up to the nearest dollar, and I can never end on a sweet treat..i have to have something salty to balance it out.


Sarah said...

Oh my goodness, we're soul mates! I gag when I brush my teeth, too, the gas thing is what I do and salty and sweet is my weakness!

jen said...

Becky my dear, the occupational therapist in me sees your quirks as "sensory preferences" we all have them...yours just appear a little stronger than others! I'm a planner too, but the bed--it never gets made unless Swanny decides to do it!! :)