Thursday, August 28, 2008


If you are reading this....consider yourself TAGGED!!!

I am: a child of God
I think: I should go back to school someday (shhhh....)
I know: that I am blessed in so many ways
I want: to be the person God wants me to be
I wish: I could remember something from my 6 years of piano lessons
I hate: gossip
I miss: my brothers
I fear: loosing someone I love
I feel:'s nice not having a lot going on for a change.
I hear: Chad's video game
I smell: the air conditioner-yup! I can smell it because it smells like cats. YUCK!
I crave: chocolate and tacos
I search: for a house we can call home
I regret: the wife and mother I was the first 5 years of our marriage
I love: my husband and children
I ache: for others who face hardships in their lives
I care: for people
I always: kiss my husband 3 times in a row
I am not: perfect
I believe: that there is a reason for everything even when I don't understand
I sing: in the car
I cry: when I'm mad,sad, happy and often when I'm feeling sympathetic for others
I write: to express what I'm feeling
I win: when I'm able to bless others
I lose: when I get stressed out
I never: want to miss an opportunity
I confuse: peoples names-especially my kids
I listen: to all the cute things my kids say
I can usually be found: at home or at church
I am scared: of missing
I need: to go to bed!!! geesh! it's late!
I am happy about: how well the kids are adjusting to school
I hope: to make a difference-even if it's a small one

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jen said...

cool post Becky. I may copy to My Life With Dogs when i get a "spare moment" :)