Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Six years of BuhBuh

Today he is 6. I've been so blessed to have been able to be home with him everyday since he was born. Getting pregnant with him and his birth symbolizes a new beginning in my life, marriage and family. It is also symbolizes God's awesome grace (and My Sweetie's grace and love for me as well.)

I am thankful for him in so many ways, because had I made one different choice all those years ago, he would not be here. As frustrated as I get with the strong willed boy BuhBuh can be, he also melts my heart when I see him showing empathy, love and kindness to others. I've had the opportunity to watch him grow from a content baby to shy toddler to self-confident preschooler and into the determined 6 year old boy he is today. He continues to make us laugh daily with the things he says. He has taken on the role of big brother well and knows how to push buttons of his older brother. He wants to do what he wants, when he wants, and isn't afraid to protest when he doesn't agree with mom and dad. When my mom lost her brother this past summer, only BuhBuh knew how to comfort her in her sadness. He always has big hugs to give his grandmas as soon as he sees them, but is too much of a big boy to show mom any affection at the bus stop. He is a leader on the soccer field and a role model in the classroom. His faith and love in Jesus continues to grow and I can often see Christ in him through his actions. He enjoys helping mom with chores and cooking and dad and grandpa with outside chores. He has a love for Star Wars that makes his daddy proud and a sense of timing with his humor that is beyond his years. He still wants goodnight kisses-on the cheek that doesn't touch the pillow at night and he still looks to me for comfort from middle of the night nightmares. He feels sad when he falls into the trap of the middle child.He claims his favorite color is black. He often thinks of others and their needs. He is an awesome boy.

He is growing up in front of my eyes. It's fun to watch but sad to let go so that he can continue to spread his wings. I look forward to what this next year will bring and look forward to seeing what else God has in store for this boy of mine. Ever since I held him in the hospital 6 years ago in my post delivery room, I remember looking down at him with tears of joy and gratefulness. Because of the path I was following just a year prior, he shouldn't have been there. But there he was, my "little" 8 lb 12 oz swaddled baby boy, in my arms and full of so many promises. From that very moment of stillness and peace in the hospital I've always known that God has awesome plans in store for him. How blessed I am to have a front row seat; how grateful I am that the seat comes with a seat belt!

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