Sunday, October 24, 2010

One of those days....

Morning snuggles and giggles with BuhBuh and Little Dude. 

My Sweetie making breakfast.  

Enough time before the bus to read two stories from our Children's Bible (which means more snuggling).  

Little Dude entertaining himself nicely so the Mommy could be productive.  

Pumpkin Farm visit.  



Chickens.  Cows.  Horses.  

Hay Bale Maze.  

 Apple Orchard.  Treats. Llamas, donkeys, more goats, more chickens, more cows.

First 100% on 2nd grade spelling test.  

Play outside.  


Photo Ops.  

The Boy going to fall Dance and last home football game. 

Little Dude falling asleep early.  

Watching a movie with BuhBuh and My Sweetie (more snuggling).  

Bedtime conversation. 

BuhBuh: "This was a GREAT day!!!" 

Me:  "Why is that?" 

BuhBuh:  "Because I got an A on my spelling, you picked me up from the bus stop and I got to watch a movie all by myself with you and daddy." 

I'd have to agree.  
 It was a GREAT day!!

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