Monday, October 11, 2010


Last week was homecoming week for our school.  It's a fun week at all 3 schools.  Each school celebrates with Spirit Week with a different theme to each day.  BuhBuh participated.  (No pictures)  The Boy did not.  Kids look forward to the early dismissal from school on Friday so that everyone can head downtown for the parade.

It isn't quite as spectacular as I remember the homecoming parades from when I was younger were.  But it isn't lacking in spirit or in candy!
Since The Boy is in 8th Grade this year he got to march with the high school for band.  I could hear the sound of the drum several blocks away which is always so exciting to hear at a parade; it's when the excitement and anticipation kicks in.  It was even more exciting knowing that The Boy was one helping to set the beat of the parade.  In my excitement, I missed the photo opportunity.....this was the best that I could do.  He's on the far right.

As an 8th grader, The Boy also got to play with the high school during the pre-game out on the field.  They lined up motorcycles, the band and then the cheerleaders for the football players to run through at the opening of the game.  He said that was pretty cool to be a part of but got kind of tired of hitting his drum for the entire team.  HA!!!  Then just before the game the gave us a nice firework show.  

As I sat in the football stadium watching the group of high schoolers cheer from the stands (lookin all 80's)  on their team, the football players making touchdowns and the cheerleaders cheering, I realized that my senior homecoming was 16 years ago!!!  And then I realized that in a year it will be my son's first high school homecoming.  

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