Sunday, October 17, 2010

Good Neighbor

Huffing and puffing up our hill on our way home from the homecoming parade, BuhBuh said, "Mom, we haven't taken anything over to the new neighbors house yet."

He was right.  In the craziness that consumes our lives we forgotten to properly welcome our new neighbor to the neighborhood.

"You know mom, we could take them one of the pumpkin pies you made today," he said.

I had two fresh made pies sitting on our kitchen counter.  We really didn't need two of them, I suppose.

"I could tell them, sorry this was late, and hand them the pie," he said.   

"And don't forget to welcome them to the neighborhood,"  I added.

After we conquered our hill my mind switched gears to the next thing; packing everyone up and heading to the schools to pick up The Boy who had just marched in the parade.

"Mom.  Should we wrap the pie up in foil?"  he asked as I guzzled down a gallon of water.

"Uh, SURE!!"  I had already forgotten about the talk of giving one of our pies to the new neighbor. 

We wrapped up the pie, practiced a couple of times what he would say and I sent him down the street.  

It wasn't long before he came skipping back clearly proud of the good deed he had done.

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Quadmama said...

Can you come move next door to us? Our neighbors are not nearly as kind as you. In the last two neighborhoods we've lived in, not a soul has approached us to welcome us or introduce themselves, so it's largely been up to us to meet everyone.